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Engineering, Production, Mixing, and Musicians

Aaron Youngberg is the principal engineer and producer at Swingfingers Studio. To see and hear

the projects he has produced and engineered, please visit our "Discography" page.


We offer rates for engineering and production together and separately. We can also offer in-house banjo,

upright bass and pedal steel performance along with back-up or harmony vocals.

To contact us for a quote on your project please see our "Contact" page.


Isolation Booths

Swingfingers Recording Studio has 2 isolation booths for overdubbing capabillities, or isolation of vocals and other instruments.

Larger isolation room entrance Big room
New Live Room!

The studio has undergone an amazing transformation with the addition of a 325 square foot live room for flexible and spacious recording.

Live Room facing west Live Room facing east

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