In-House Instruments


1949 Gibson J-50


Gibson J-50 (1951)


This is an in-house guitar that is available to record with (carefully). Great for swing chords and bluegrass rhythm.



Dekley Pedal Steel



Dekley Double-Neck Pedal Steel


In-house pedal steel with E9th neck and a C6th neck tuning, 8 pedals and 5 knee levers. Use for any kind of sustaining backup, solos, or textures. Mostly played to accompany country and honky-tonk music.





"Master Cast" Hoop


A 14 inch maple snare for rythm additions to any genre.


1949 Gibson J-50


3/4 Upright Bass


This is an early 1900's carved flat-back Czech Upright bass that is also available to record with (also carefully). Nice deep tones for bowing, jazz, slower ballads, or any other acoustic endeavors.

















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