Projects Recorded at


Swingfingers Studio:





Honey Don't

Self Titled

Old-Timey Honky Tonk Grass

from Paonia, CO



Trucker's Daughter - "Broken Down Love"

Fort Collins Original Honky Tonk

Debut Album




Stanleytones -

"Women Make me Act Like a Fool"

Colorado Traditional and Original Bluegrass




Jeff and Vida - "Selma Chalk"

Rockin' Americana Bluegrass

Awesome Duo

from Nashville, TN

(Performing with an all CO band!)




Robin Davis

Solo Self-titled

Original Bluegrass

from Durango, CO



Finders and Youngberg -

"Keep Your Suitcase Packed"

Original Bluegrass/ Folk

married couple band

from Fort Collins, CO



Gabrielle Louise -

"Cigarettes for Sentiments"

Singer/ Songwriter

from Denver, CO




The Hartmans - "Borrowed Time"

Bluegrass Family Band

From Loveland, CO

Debut Recording




Lonesome Traveler - "Listen to That Sound"

(LTBB -002)

Second Studio Album





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2009Honey Don't CD

Broken Down Love

Stanleytones CD cover

Jeff and Vida



Robin Davis CD cover

Finders and Youngberg CD

Gabrielle Louise CD cover

Hartmans CD cover

Lonesome Traveler CD cover




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