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Vocal/ small isolation room






What you get when you record at Swingfingers Recording Studio:

Aaron Youngberg is the principal engineer at Swingfingers Studio. To see the projects he has recorded/ produced please see our "Discography" page.

We offer rates for engineering and production together and separately. To contact us for a quote on your project, please visit out "Contact" page.

We also offer in house recording performance for banjo, upright bass, pedal steel, and harmony vocals.

Recording Space:

Swingfingers Studios has close to 500 square feet of dedicated recording space equalling two isolation rooms, one large live room, and a control room.

The studio is attached to our home west of Fort Collins, CO. The costs saved by building the studio onto our home is savings passed on to you, the studio client. For example, we don't have a "lounge", we have a living room. We don't have a recreation room, we have numerous trails in the Horsetooth Open Space right on our doorstep.

Swingfingers Studios has a reputation for capturing both the truest instrument tones and most flattering vocal performances. Our accomodating recording environment and dedication to the client's project are second to none.